Alex Hayward - Fire truck or Robot

My name is Alex Hayward and wen when I grow up I want to be a robot that puts out fires! But when I asked my mom about that job, she called them fire trunks trucks so I guess I'll just be one of those. Or maybe just a normal robot.

As a fire-ekstingwishing extinguishing robot I will be able to save people from fires. I'll also be a robot, and cause robots are in fullnrable invulnerable I won't even be in danger like normal fire fighters!

Also, people love superheroes and since I'll be a robot that saves people I'll be a superhero! My superhero name will be "Firebot" which is a combination of "fire" and "robot." Really cool, huh?

And that is why I want to be a fire-extinguishing robot.


Very creative, Alex, but I'm afraid humans can't become robots. A bit more research probably would have confirmed that.

Still I wish you the best luck as, perhaps, a fireman?

Mr. Cod

The End

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