Wendy Fleur- Queen of the World

Ever since I was born, I thought of myself as a princess. My parents always called me their little princess and I was very adept at throwing Queen-size tantrums every time my whim was not catered to instantly. I had the best of clothes, toys and every other thing that I could possibly demand. Growing up, I had more minions to keep me company than real friends. My classmates envied me my influential family and latest clothes, and my so-called friends were always a little jealous of me.

Now that I am a woman-child, many of my childhood traits have followed me into this phase of my life. I still feel whimsical. I still dream of owning all the riches in the world. And most importantly, I now desire my Knight-in-shining-armor.

Just like I dreamed of possessing the most fabulous clothes and jewels, I now desire the perfect arm-candy. Because I really don't think that anybody can actually be my equal, or my partner. I am one of a kind, created by the Lord Almighty to rule over all others and keep them in line.

When I take over my throne, everyone's first priority will be to fulfill all my demands and needs. They will have to make sure that no word of mine goes unheard and no desire of mine remains wanting.

I would be a fair Queen as long as I am contended. All the countries and continents under my rule shall thrive and no war or strife shall mar the peace in my kingdom. No threats, or violent overtures shall find place under my reign and only tranquility shall prevail. Everyone shall have sufficient resources to lead a healthy, happy and satiated life and none shall find reason to crib.

Now all that needs to be said is:  Bow to your Queen, for she is your savior.

The End

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