David Horner, Beekeeper

I'm Dave and when I'm a grown up I want to be a buzzy beekeeper. I want to do this because I like bees. I think they are funny and fluffy and colourful.

I looked the bees up on the computer and it said that there is are lots of different types of Bees. There are bumble bees, honey bees, drone bees and they come in different sizes big and small. I think my Aunty Jan looks like a big bumble bee because she has a furry face and wears yellow stripey jumpers all the time.

I also saw that bees are not supposed to fly because there their wings are too small for there their big furry bodies and that means they have special powers. If the bees can fly maybe I could make my wings and fly with them. And they wouldn't have to be big wings because they can fly with small ones.

I like bees also because they make hunny honey and I love it lots and lots like Pooh Bear and I eat it on my toast in the mornings and sometimes when my mummy isn't there I use my finger and scoop it out of the jar and eat it. But she always nos knows because my fingers get all sticky.

Some people say bees are going away and this makes me sad because we need them to make the hunny honey but also to spread the pollen around so flowers can grow and keep the world pretty. When I'm a beekeeper I will protect them and keep them safe. And I hope they won't sting me because then they die, so I won't scare them.

The end.


Well done David, very creative and well written. A few spelling mistakes but you did very well. Maybe you could look on the computer to see why the bees are going away? And see how you can help them? Very good David, you're best written work. Your mommy will be proud.

Just one thing; I don't think you should show you're Aunty Jan this assignment David.

The End

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