Hank Willis, Parking Lot Attendant

Huh, well I don't see no gall dang ponit in this, seeing as I am 43 years young and still in this little tykes school. But after me was ejected from my self watcher over work, pro-spittle-dribbler (drooler) I'm a guessing I better be gets en a knew one.

I'm purrdy good at stealing watching over cars, so I could be one of those fancy shmancy parking lot Attendants. My mummy always told me dat doing standng round, wus my kind of work. I mean all I gotta do is take that little knob turney thing, give the guy that little, uh, one, ten, six, pie, thing and park dat little vroom vroom where it goes.

I promise, that if I gets caught stealing parking one of these contraptions, I'll be out like sour kraut. But I doubt it will be doing like that, I mean, I'm all over stealing,  parking like a fat kid on a cupcake!

I'lls be goodder at that!


P.S-Can you be tellin I'm a hillbilly?

P.S.S-I tried real hard

P.S.S-No, I'm not Trisha Willis's dad, who is writing this cause Trisha ran from home... I'm just trying to speak so you would understand. Don't you teaches talk like this?

Ok, "Trisha", F----------------+

I'm just going to pretend like this never happened, I am going close my eyes, click my heels  three times and hope I'm home. But then I'm just going to wish that my drunk wife would just leave and fall into a hole. I hope she gets stuck in that hole....that wine drinkin, money guzzling woman of mine. Oh, how I love her so...

The End

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