Eugene Cod, English Teacher

Well, of course as you know, My Dad is Ernest Cod, the English Teacher.  That's not why I'd like to be an English teacher.

I'd like to be an English teacher because my Dad is such a great one.  Everyone says I get good grades because my Dad favours me but just because he's my father, doesn't mean he shouldn't proof read my work for grammar, spelling or content.

The very fact that he inspires the class as much as he does and I seem to catch on the "family spark" quicker than others does not preclude me from the A paper that this is bound to produce.

I would like to be an English teacher so that I can direct and lead young minds towards literary genius, just like my father, who I call Mr. Cod in class, just like everyone else does.

I know that these sentences aren't perfect, but that's because I'm in Grade 3, and I don't think my Dad would want to change them one bit.

I think  it's too bad that others are jealous that they can't feel the warm glow that is my father's legacy.  I would like to.

Eugene Cod

Eugene!  YOU wrote this by YOURSELF?  You know I would have been more than happy to help you with it!  You realy have come along and don't seem to need my help at ALL.  Good for you, Eugene!  Keep up the GREAT work!


"Mr." Cod


The End

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