Will Dohrs, Uhm... can you repeat the question?

     Uhm, I can't 'member the question so I'll write about something on my mind right now. My dog followed me to school today. It was nice until the principle principal big man in that big office that tells evryone what to do over that speaker thing saw him. My dog being very  amik amicable (that means he's very freindly-my mother told me that word). Well, my dog jumped right on top of Mr. Whethers and knocked him down. Evryone started laughing. He was so mad thoh thouh. I had to take him home. Now I am writing this. That's what's on my mind. I hope that was the question...



Will, the question was what profession would you like to be when you grow up. However, I see you have a keen interest in dogs and comedy. Perhaps a dog trainer or a comedian. Redo this assignment and I'll consider improving the grade. Thanks for the laugh! (Oh, and between you and me, Old Man Whethers needs a little rough house in his life.).

Mr. Cod

The End

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