Sheldon Cooper, Theoretical Physicist

When I am older I shall become a theoretical physicist. I am deeply intrigued by mathematics and their practical applications in the universe. Mankind's understanding of the nature of the world around us depends solely upon the precision of brilliant scientists such as myself. 

Where would humanity be today without the contributions of theoretical physicists such as Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Neils Bohr, and Max Planck? There would be no quantum mechanics, no relativity, and no atomic bombs!

I realize that physics is an extremely difficult subject, but I honestly feel obligated to accept the challenge. The world needs my natural acute intelligence more than I do, and I would be doing us all a great disservice if I were to apply myself in any other, lesser way. 

Also I would like to thank you, Mr. Cod, for going out of your way to challenge and inspire me. I understand that it is difficult for you to keep up with my needs, as I am significantly more advanced than the rest of your students. 

Sheldon J. Cooper IV




Quit being an arrogant prick.

Mr. Cod

The End

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