Archibald Umstead, Candy and Snack Taster

Miss, I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I asked my mummy for help. She said, the best job to have, is something that I will like. 

So then I had a fink finc think about what I like. I like dogs, but they can be smelly. I like Ben 10. But even I know he's not real. I like football, but my big brother never lets me play. 

And then I remembered I liked sweets. I LOVE sweets. My favourites are jelly babies, especially the yellow ones. I eat their heads first. Then their arms. Then there legs, and then I eat the body. 

I asked my brother to research it for me because I'm not allowed on the computer by myself. He boogled it. He googled it. That word makes me laugh. Google. Goooooogle. 

And that is how I found out about the Candy and Snack taster job. I would have to try all the secret recipes. I would say if they were nice or horrible. But mostly nice. I might even get to taste Willy Wonkers sweets if I became the best Candy taster ever, which I will as I love sweets the most. 

I would get lots and lots and lots and lots of free sweets.I would eat it for breakfast, and dinner, and tea. And I would get lots of money as I would be the best Candy taster ever. 

The end.



Well done, Archie. I can see you really looked into this, and did a lot of research by asking your mother and brother for help. Though I don't really think the facts are exactly right, as I'm sure there must be more to tasting candy than you think. Also, maybe looking into a different career choice would be a good idea, as I don't really think it would do your teeth any good. Or your diet. But this is a really good effort.


The End

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