Stella Vichysoisse, Librarian

I want to be a librarian when I grow up.  I've always liked books, and who else gets to spend all day with books?  I also like telling people to be quiet, especially by shushing.

Another reason I want to be a librarian is because I'd be able to organize books all day, and not be bothered by people asking me what I'm doing.  I like books, but I don't like it when they get messy and so I fix them.

And when I become a librarian, I know one thing for sure: even if that Billy Collins kid ever becomes something ridiculous, like Poet Lauriet (like that'll ever happen, even if he does have the grammar of a poet), I'll still think he's a little creep.

Stella Vichysoisse


Good profession choice, Stella, but perhaps you could've put a bit more about the job, and not devoted a third of this to telling us what you think of Billy.  While I must agree with you on the point of his grammar, I still have to say that everybody can be great someday in the very, very distant future.

Mme. Lily

The End

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