Wendy Alice Jenkins, Rockstar

Hello, my name is Wendy Alice Jenkins and wen I grow up I want to be a rockstar.

Rockstars are really cool and make lots and lots of money from being rockstars and I want to make lots and lots or money to because I want to by a car and I don't get a lot of pocket money.

Another reason I want to be a rockstar is that rockstars are really really pretty and my sister fancys the pants off lots of rockstars and she has their pictures glued on her walls.

I don't want to be on my sisters walls but I would like to be on Alex Haywards walls and if I was a rockstar he would stick my picture there.

And I could join some of my friends and have a band together. we could be the poneys and I could sing and Hannah could play the trumpet and her sister Kylie could dance and play the triangle or the violin even if she only started lessons yesterday becose i no that Kylie and Hannah want to be famous and rich to.

Wen I was researching my favorite rockstars lots of the things on the internet sed that they took drugs and drank lots of beer and wine before they died.

I don't want to die but I like beer and wen we have a BBQ my Daddy lets me have a sip wen mums not looking.


Wendy - your essay was informative and spoke about your ideal profession in life, however, you hastened to add and punctuation within your sentences. I feel that you spelling could be improved and the list of words for friday's test will be:

  • Gave
  • When
  • Because
  • Ponies
  • Happen
  • Their

Please can you see me on Wednesday after class to discuss other options on vocation, because you did mention some down points to your ideal job and I would like to talk to you about maybe choosing a different career choice.

Mr Cod - English Teacher

The End

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