William 'Billy' Collins, I'm Not Sure

I am reely, reely sure that I don't want to be a psghetty famrer bechos my mom says thut money duzzint grow on trees and then i wooduv spent all my money on groawing psghetty and dont no more half any munny.

And then i dun want to bee a lizzird unspactor like Kimmee Allun becos she says she has to bee the furst one but thats good becors she's fat and smelly and i dont like her.  She should be a cootees unspactor.

I'm gurna bee an Inglish teechir but not like Mistir Codd becorse then my momm says his wyfe is a youseless drunk.

That's all.

Billy Kollins Kawlins


My wife is a useless drunk!

Mr. Cod

The End

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