Elizabeth Adams, Politician

Dear Madams and Sirs,

As President of the Grade Three Libertaryeean Council, i would like to pronounce my kandidasy as class president.

My first order of business in this free and delmocratic sosiety would be to undermine the proletareeat and week public skool offerings this sorry trust outfit offers.

I demand to be in Wilfred Groves private skool.  My own academic standing is iffy at best and much can be blamed on the second rate staffing that State Universitees have aforded this innir city squalerfest of a teeching staff.  I am surounded by numbskulls from administration down to my common peers.

I demand nothing less than an A by a peer reviewed menter.  Pleese do not make rayze ire again about the "B+" afforded my last paper "How I spent my summer holidaes, slummin in a two bit public school after program"

Yours Most Truly,

Elizabeth Adams



Elizabeth, darling.You have such a profoundly academic mind, and, remember, the question was...What do you want to be when you grow up?  Spelling is also important and even at Wilfred Jones, they have to do their spelling homework.

Mme. Lily

You booojois pig!  The barikades will be up by tamaraw.


The End

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