Leona Heartland - Volcano!!!

Dear Madame Lily,

My name is Leona Heartland.  I sit in the second row beside Barbra.  She would like to be an anchorwoman.  I say, good for Barbra.  Please accept my request to be a volcano when I grow up.

There are several good reasons for this.  First, I would like to address the question of "when I grow up" (quotes mine)

Since the only things that grow down are root species, I would not like to be a potato or a turnip because that seems to be out to of the scope of this assignment.  I also expect to have grown up in some way by my 13th year, so please make me a volcano by then.

Volcanoes are constantly growing up because of settling magma.  All they do is grow up! And they live forever!  Who'd want a career shelled in a mortal coil?

  As well, I'd like to have some type of influence on seismic activity that anchorwomen don't seem to have much influence over.  Thus, again, volcano seems a most logical choice.  I can not quote better than this:

" We are in awe of the destructive power of nature, and we are unsettled by the thought that a peaceful mountain can suddenly become an unstoppable destructive force! "  (1)

In conclusion, please make me a volcano.

Thank you,

Leona Heartland, Homeroom 110


http://science.howstuffworks.com/volcano.htm  (1)



Don't think your smarter than me!  Do you know how much work it takes just to pay oneself through teacher's college?  You might know a lot about volcanoes and trigonometry and C+++ programming, but do you have any clue how to deal with pretentious twits like yourself?  You''re going back to grade 2 for an attitude adjustment.

The End

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