Frances "Frankie" Muntz, President of the Moon

My name is Frankie and I'm gonna be the president of the moon when I grow up.

To be president of the moon I'm gonna haf to get to the moon, I think. I think I'll ask Nicole to drive me in her spaceship or something but she'll probally call me gross icky boy again. Maebe I don't haf to go to the moon really. I think maeby I cold be an ambasodor to and stay here with my mom cos I herd once that nobody can breeth on the moon and I don't wanna die.

As president of the moon I cold breeth on the moon. It wood be really speshal just becos it was me and the president can do that kinda thing. O and I woodnt need to be eleckted ether! Even thow I'd still have comershals all abot me playing all the time so people wood like me and stuff! And I wood haf a awesum house and everybody wood come over becos I wood have a house on the moon and weed dance and haf parties and all the robots wood brake danse!!

I think that wood be cool.


You have an incredible imagination, Frankie, but a tendancy to become distracted. While President of the Moon would be good, you haven't thought out the consequences of it. The gas prices to get to the moon on Nicole's spaceship, for example, would most likely bankrupt the moon's economy.

Again, Frankie, research was the key to this assignment. Meet me after class, please, so we can also discuss your essay "Abe Lincoln, Man of Steel".

Mr. Cod

The End

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