Dustin McCaulley, Park Ranger

Dustin McCaulley, Park Dark Ranger is the notorius archenemy of Cleaver McGee, White Gremace!

While the White Gremace is taking high tea with the Galaxee's higher terestians, I, Dark Ranger will be ooslurping the World Guvrmement Natchional Treasyurees.

Fear Not, inferior scumbags, when I have control over your piddling rezourses, you will report to me.

I am no longer meer Dustin who can't play football.

I am the Dark Ranger!  the White Gremace will buckle beneath my megacannon eye cannons and all will bow to me.  Suzi Henshaw will be my bride and we will meet out justice akordingly.

Heed my warnings, Mme. Lily!




Unfortunately, I've already asked you to stop reading your comic books in class, one of the many reasons you can't count them as suitable research.  Remember how we talked about the Dark Ranger's subatomic power formula?  Please do not use that formula on today's addition quiz.

The End

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