Emily Robinson, Model

My name is Emily Robinson, and when I grow up, I wanna  want to be a model when I grow up.

I wouuld would like to be a model, because they get to wear nice clothes and get paid lots of money. They also are very pretty and so I think I would be good for this job...the boys all like me, anyways.

If I'm really amazing, then I could be famous and everyone will want to know about me, and I could be in movies and magazines and everything! My parents would have money and cars, because I would buy it for them.

I've been practicing my model walk, and I've grown a lot! My sister models part-time and she has a boyfriend and gets lots of money and makeup...see, I even wore some of hers today!

This job is important, because it shows the artiste part of fashion. You can be very imaginative and create a beautiful line of clothing, but if you are ugly, then no one will want to buy it from you because it will look bad on you.

This is why I want to be a model...if you know anyone in any modelling agency, then call me and let me know...my daddy can arrange it all, since he's my manager.


Alright Emily...That was great, except you might want to rethink that job...*frown* Are you sure your sister allowed you to use her makeup? I think it looks a little innappropriate for school, anyways, and I'll ask you to take it off during Alex's presentation.

Please don't advertise...*tsk tsk*

Other than that, it looked great Emily!

The End

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