Leah Marshall, Fish Breeder

My name is Leah Marshall and I want to be a fish breeder when I grow up.  In fact, I am already a fish breeder because my catfish just had kittens.  I thought my goldfish, Bubbles, was going to have babies but she turned out to be just fat.

I would like to be a fish breeder so that I could make new kinds of fish.  I could take a shark and an angelfish and see if they would make a skinny fish with really big teeth of if they would make shark that wouldn't eat people when they went to the beach.

Another reason why I would like to be a fish breeder is so that I could grow fish that tasted better than the fish sticks they serve in the school cafeteria.  Yeech!  I think I could make fish that taste more like chicken fingers.

But I think they main reason I would like to become a fish breeder is so that I could make goldfish and guppies that would never die.  I got really sad when my fish die and so I think other kids get sad too when that happens.

Do fish breeders make bunches of money?  That would be good, too.


You came up with a whale of an essay, Leah.  I do think you might be helped if you did some more reading about fish.

I am not sure how much money fish breeders make but I know that you would do a good job because you love fish so much.

By the way, Leah, I am not pregnant either.

Mrs. Bass, fourth grade


The End

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