James Wahlen, I Dunno

My name is James Wahlen and my friends call me Jimmy and I am nime nine years old and I don't know what I what to be when I grow up Miss, there's a lot of opshuns opchuns things to choose from.

Daddy's a plumber. That sounds fun, I asked him about it but he sort of got mad again and used me to practise bottle-throwing!!!!... that wasn't fun and Mummy said not to worry tough though and I should serch search it on google but Daddy didn't want me on the computer so I had to read his books, he didn't mind that.

What I learned about plummming plumbing.

-People are often plumbers becaze because of the money - but Daddy spends it all on beer.

-A popular missconsepshun thing people belive believe is that plumbers are on the large side and overcharge people - Daddy's fat and makes people pay too much but he's not large and I don't know what overcharge means.

I don't want to be a plumber after-all - Daddy's nasty and I don't like him... Don't tell him though.


I fought thought really hard about what I wanted to be and I think I want to be a Spiderman. Everyone likes spiderman and he beats up the bad guys, I want to beat up bad guys too!


Reserch about Spiderman

Spiderman was crated creeted made by Stan Lee - He's a good drawing man and I bet we wold would be good friends becaw because I'm a good drawing boy.

He had four girlfriends! - Wowzers! Why'd he have girlfriends? Girls are icky! Did he have them at the same time? Because Daddy told Mummy that she should never do that with boyfriends or he'd hit her.


I've chanjd changed my mind again and now I want to be a Monkey, I like Monkeys and Mummy said that if I tried hard i could be anything so I want to be a monkey.

Reesonz Reasons to be a monkey

I Like to draw monkeys!

I like eating bananas.

Mummy said when I was little I was all hairy like a baby monkey

I like clibming!

I play on jungle-gyms, It's like being in the jungle!

One time I eated ate an ant to make Sarah Johansson like me, it didn't work.


I want to be a monkey! But Daddy said I can't be a monkey becausse because i'm a human and human's can't be animals and that I'm a silly boy and I should get out of his sight forever. Is that ttre true Miss?

So I'm sorry Miss but i don't know what to be when i grow up but i didn't want to dissapunt dia dissapont let you down so I told you what i thought about instead.


Very good and creative Jimmy. Though you do realise you can't be spiderman? You tried to use big words which is very good jimmy but if you can't spell it, don't try it makes your work look scruffy with lots of crossing-outs use a dictionary next time if your not sure. Watch out for using too many Ands!

You said you like drawing... maybe you could be a painter! or a comic book artist? You seem to like comic books. Maybe one about a superhero plumber that's not like your Dad?

 I see you've been having... troubles with your Father. Id like you to come see me at the end of class after you get this paper. Remember I'm here to help.





The End

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