Kimi Alan, Lizard Inspector

My name is Kimi Allen, and I want to be a lizard inspector when I grow up.

I don’t think there are any lizard inspectors yet, so I will be the first one. Because I will be the first one I won’t have to go to school to become one, although I think it might be cool to go to zoo school or even detective school just in case I learn something important. Maybe I will even make the first school for lizard inspectors and name it after myself, Kimi Allen School for Lizard Inspectors.

Another good thing about being a lizard inspector is that there won’t be any other ones, so I won’t have any competition. But people also might not know what one is, so I’ll need to have a good publisist publicist to make people know about lizard inspectors. And so because I am the only one I will be rich, and I will be famous, and I will be a star because no one else will be able to inspect lizards like me.

What a lizard inspector does is inspect lizards, which will be important if people don’t know if their lizard is sick because lizards are already green. After the lizard is inspected, the lizard inspector would give a diegnosis diagnosis and let a monitor lizard monitor it because that’s what monitor lizards do of course.

This is why I want to be the very first lizard inspector. So if you ever have a lizard that needs inspecting I might be able to help for practice.



Well done, Kimi, but you should have chosen a career that already exists, as part of the assignment was to research a career, and you can't do that with one you make up.

But your writing was a delight to read, and I'm sure that no-one will be able to inspect lizards like you. (:

Also, I think a good lizard to start inspecting would be Iggy, who hasn't returned to our classroom since you took him home two weekends ago. Maybe you could inspect where he is, please?

Good job!

The End

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