Timmy Lancashire, Clock Maker

My name is Timmy Lancashire, and when I grow up I want to be a clock maker.

I did lots and lots of reserch research on this job, because thats what the assignment said. Their are many types of clocks. The first one is the sundial, which people many many years ago used to use. Clocks also work on water, but the watch I have stopped working when I wore it to the pool. That is why I want to be a clock maker, so that all of the people who break there clocks in the water or by falling or something else can get them fixed.

Not having a clock is very sad, because then you cant tell the time. I always get late for everything because I broke my watch. I think a clock maker's job is importent impotent good because then everybody will be on time and no one will ever be late if the clock maker makes everybody a clock. the clocks we use now are called mekanical clocks. I think clocks are very pretty. I hope everybody can get a clock in there room. Then there rooms will be very nice-looking, and they will always be on time.


Well done Timmy! I think a clock maker would be an excellent profession for you. I see you did your research well, although it is spelled 'mechanical', not mekanical. There are some spelling errors, and you mixed up 'there' and 'their' a few times. But a good essay on the whole! I will be sure to buy a clock from you when you grow up!

-Mrs. Erickson

The End

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