i dont want you back!!! :(

The things you say,
don't mean a thing.
The things you do,
bring pain;
you're so lame,
STOP saying my name.
I can't beleive I gave up
everything I had,
on something that
wouldn't last.

You're not who I
thought you were;
you are my past,
and I don't want
you back.
Just WIPE your eyes,
and STOP those cries.
No tears will EVER fall
from these eyes.

I knew I was right,
to leave you;
should of at first site;
but I was blinded by
your unholy light.
We're done,
we're through
this is it for you.
The view is fading,
and I'm not debating;
because I know I don't
want you back.

You say you love me,
can't STOP calling me
your baby;
we're broken up,
so please STOP picking
up the pieces of me
you never had.
You say you'll always
be there,
you PRETEND to kare
about my friends just
to get back at me;
telling her all the things
you use to say to me.
Can't you see, that's
why we'll never be?

I don't get you,
why can't you just
let me GO?
I don't want you
I don't know how
else to say this.
I don't love you,
I never did,
and now everyone
can see why.

You PRETEND to be
happy for me,
when all along you
could see you weren't
the one for me.

You tell me I'm a God-hater,
a discriminaor.
You're a two sided person,
you TOLD me you loved me,
but you TOLD her you hate
me. I don't get you,
and this time you've gone
too far,
that's why
I don't want you back.

You bash my love that
took your place,
like this was some kind
of race.
You lost,
this is it.
I'm in a better place,
yeah I DON'T see your

He can offer me everything
you can't and more.
I don't want you back,
I'm free at last.
I don't want you back,
I'm on a different track.
I don't want you back
and you act like you're on

The End

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