When Hockey Calls

Geez, read the title!

The puck drops on the ice,

and a great roar is heard

it extends past the stadium

and soars like a bird

Dishes or garbage duty

are conveniently forgotten

Wives and girlfriends

throw hands in the air

and say here we go again.

They train us all year long

and often get results

but so long as sticks are on the ice

we scratch and belch

and don't notice they're repulsed.

We cheer loud and long

awakening the kids

We don't care about 'the look'

that last goal was Sid's!

We can't turn our head from the game

until they blow the whistle

awaiting the next shot to hit

the back  o' the net

like a homing missile.

Ovechkin, Briere, or Thornton

Each of us has a fave

Sometimes it's a goalie

Speaking of the goalie

my fave is Bobby Luo!

right now he's poised and ready

to give the Blues the blues!

Oh man! WHAT A SAVE!

Who shot that puck?

Did anybody see?

Dangit, I'm getting off

this infernal machine!

I'm missing HOCKEY!

The End

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