Zombie HighwayMature

We had been driving for the better part of five hours, and when we reached Indiana

we finally saw some zombies. I gave Zack his gun, while I loaded mine, with Tracey taking the wheel. She put the gas petal to the floor, and started running over multiple zombies while Zack and I shot at the ones who mangaed to get a hold of the car.

I yelled at Tracey to keep driving, while more zombies just kept coming after us and tired to grab at the windows. At one point I was blindsided by one grabbing my neck and throwing me out of the car. Causing Zack to risk shooting me to get it off. He had Tracy back up and grab me so I could get back in and she continued to barel on until we got to the open road.


Zack gave me strange look while he held me close to him, "What?"

"I saw kids back there. Zombified ones." My voice was so light and weak it scared me, almost to the point that I didn't reconize myself.


we drove for a few more hours before stopping at a feild for some rest and because we where getting low on fuel.

The car look like a bomb had gone off with blood spattered on the fron and small dents all over it, but I didn't care, so i just relaxed onn the grass and got some of the best sleep in my life, until a scream woke me up.

A zombie had been latched onto the car the whole ride over, and was now getting ready to attack Tracey and Me.

The End

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