When Hell Broke LooseMature

In the small town of Clare, Michigan, Zoey is going to be a gradute this year, but when a zombie apocalyse breaks out, Zoey and her friends must fight to stay alive.

It was on March 27th that everything fell apart.

I was going to be a graduate at my high school in our small town of Clare Michigan, but I was currently hanging out at my boyfriend Zack's place. 

I had meet Zack my second year, and we were friends for a long time, then we just decided to start "dating". We hung out, went to the local ice cream shop, but it wasn't the normal lovey-dovey relationship. It was a mutual kind of relationship that if you saw us, you could instantly tell we were together. So when this started, he could tell I was worried. This may have been a small town, but we didn't have much defense in this town, hell, no one knew this town even excited. We were close to Mt.Pleasant and Farewell, but we were still too small.

We were watching reruns of Cold Case when this news bulletin came on, with the news anchor seemingly in a panic and the women tried to remain calm, but it was easy too see the panic on her face as she talked. "We are here to report that there has been an offical Zombie outbreak in New York City at this time. Those who claim responsiblity for this, The Farmont Institue of Science, have sent a statement ," We are very sorry for this event, but we do not have a cure at this time, our staff is working on one at this moment, and will destribute the vacince as soon as possible."

By now Zack had joined me in the living room and we looked at each other almost speechless. How could this happen? The news was showing riots all over the US, with people vandalising stores and killing anyone who tried to stop them. This frighted me, and I hardly realized I was shaking.

The report then showed shots of New York, with zombies picking up objects and lobbing them at other people, some only to be shot in the head with their bodies falling to the ground lifelessly. People yelled in terror and waved at the TV helicopter for help.

The woman spoke some more, but I didn't hear it because all I could do was turn to Zack, tell him to get his hunting Rifle and some ammo, and to give me his dad's 9mm. Zack had been hunting for  almost two years which explained the gun, and his dad's 9mm was from some kind of faze he had when he saw some report about poeple breaking into houses and killing everyone, so he was paranoid enough to get a gun, with his wife refusing to speak to him for a week.

While he did that, I went to the kitchen and grabbed two large kichen knifes and some snacks, placing all of it into my backpack and carrying it back to the living room.

"What the fuck is going on?" He said filling his gun with ammo as he spoke.

"Something out of our control, that's what, but I plan on staying alive."

After finnishing up, I called My friend Tracey, who planned to meet us at Zacks with supplies, "I can't believe this...I just can't. But why should we panic? It may not even reach us!" I was about to agree, when Zack came in, "It's already in three states now, only Washington D.C. is safe. Mainly because of the military I guess."

"Tracy, get here ASAP and we'll start traveling from here, I'll explain more when you get here."

Zack came over lightly wrapped his arms around me, making me feel like I was in a dream and that none of this was happening. If only that had been true.The TV played more footage, with government representatives telling everyone to stay calm. I had pretty much lied to Tracy, because I had no plan, but I just wanted to leave. "I'm scared Zach." I said with my voice trembling. "I'm terrified for everyone."


"Did you just come up with that?" He asked. He meant my "plan". I almost laughed , but told him it was to make sure Tracy wouldn't panic.

"It's a good plan though, and we can take my sisters Jeep. Mom's working at the store right now, but what about your parents?"

"My parents are in the UP, so they might call my cell, but I can handle myself."

Tracey pulled up a few minutes later, and I went ahead and told her of the plan.

"We're going to head to California as soon as possible, me and Zack got some weapons and food. Do you want to stop for anything?"

"No, I brought some more food though, and I grabbed my dad's gun, along with all the ammo."

After loading everything into the car, we were about to leave when something-which turned out to be a brick- went sailing at the window and nearly missed Tracey's head.

Zack peeled out of the driveway and gunned it, heading right for the highway toward the setting sun. Maybe...just maybe we would make it.

Turns out I was wrong.

The End

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