Lilith and Jacob's falling out was even more of an awkward situation than Mikey's daughter showing up at the airport.

I could only hope that they managed to sort things out a bit on their way to the clinic, rather than stew over it and make things much, much worse. 

They usually did end up fighting about something or another most of the time. I usually couldn't even understand the conversations they had because of how rapidly their words were shot out and how quickly they moved to dodge each other's insults.

Both of them were crazy. Surprising they were friends at all. 

But then again the five of us were an odd group. 

Lilith, the brash, unapologetic one. Jacob, sweet (when he wasn't arguing with Lily) and artistic. Mikey, smart and a tech whiz. Jen, the softspoken always-there-for-you kind of girl.

And then there was me, the gorgeous model. 

Speaking of which...

"Hey Jenny, want to go do a bit of shopping while the other two are out?"

She gave me a bit of a surprised look and tied her flowing hair back into a ponytail.

"Would that really be...appropriate?"

I laughed effortlessly.

"You worry too much. Of course it is! We're in Naples on vacation, remember?"

Jen looked hesitant but nodded.

"Okay, I'll wake Michael again so we can all-"

I grabbed her wrist and cocked my head to the side with my puppy-dog eyes on full blast.

"You know he's no fun shopping Jen. Let him sleep, come on."

She glanced almost imperceptibly at the hand I was holding and shrugged, reddening slightly as I grinned.

Such a goody two-shoes, getting nervous when it came to just a bit of ditching.

"Y-You have anywhere in mind?" she asked as I let go and she started rummaging in the bag by her feet.

"So glad you asked, Jens, and as a matter of fact I do." 

The End

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