So maybe I had been a little out of my wits. I don't really know what I was thinking, provoking someone as explosive as Lily. But then again it was as if I had been picking up on some negative energy from her and turning it right back to where it came from. 

Lilith had always had a temper. She tried to hide her anger by putting on a mask of indifference, but I could still feel her raw emotions in the air. 

And I didn't have her amazing containment abilities. When I felt something it either stewed around inside or I threw it out for the world to see and hear. 

It had been pretty stupid of me to pull something like that though, probably only making things worse for her and awkward for everyone else. 

And then the both of us were in the Chevy rental that had been in the garage, Lily driving while I rode shotgun. 

The silence was almost palpable. As were the daggers being shot at me despite the fact that Lilith never made eye contact. 

But then she spoke, out of the blue.

"Make no mistake, I'm doing this for everyone except you. I don't care about shaking hands and making promises and all that crap, but I bear with you and you bear with me. Capisce?" 

I didn't say anything so she turned to give me a half-glare, half-look-of-concern.

"No." I managed to say, running a hand over my face and wincing where it hurt. 

The car stopped and Lily met my gaze with pain in her royal blue eyes. 

"I'm sorry." We both said in unison, and then instantly burst into laughter.

"I didn't really mean to sock you in the face." Lily chuckled, smiling her splash-of-freckly smile. 

"Well I guess some of the wisecracks I made were pretty insensitive."

The traffic light flashed green and we were moving forwards again, Lilith rolling her eyes dramatically.

"You GUESS? How would you react if I made some kind of joke that insulted your ability to cope with pain and suffering? I'd thought you would have learned by now that most girls have a no-tolerance policy for all of those dumb 'PMS' jokes....me especially."

I felt a question forming on my lips but the grimness on her face kept me from giving in to my curiosity. 

By the time we were at the clinic the pain in my jaw had slowed to a dull throb, matching the ticking of the car's indicator. 

I wondered briefly what it was that the others were up to before hopping out of the car and towards the squat building as Lilith followed. 

Hopefully things weren't too bad. 

The End

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