The first few days had gone so innocently, so 'normally' that none of the five of us had any idea whatsoever would be thrown at us after the vacation. Or what would be thrown during it.

But on the first real day of our month in Naples, most of the throwing going on was that of insults.

"I didn't touch your damned suitcases, Mr. Diaz!"

Jacob decided to give me an incredulous look, dripping with cynicism. 

"I never even said that you did! I was just asking if you knew where I'd put my camera bag!"

"Yeah, right, you went ahead and blatantly accused me of deliberately choosing to go out of my way to bother you! Way to be a self-centered bastard!"

Jacob sighed a little too obviously before resuming the shouting match.

"Honestly, what is wrong with you? Are you PMS'ing or something?"

That was the last straw. My tough right hook suddenly crashed into his jaw, and a second later he was on the floor holding the side of his face. 

What a pig. 

Okay, maybe I had been just a little bit harsh. 


Jacob looked up at me with an evil look and, waving off Jen as she tried to help him, decided to open his big mouth again.

"I guess it is that time of the month then."

I kicked him in the shin on my way to the kitchen. Hard.

The eggs were just about halfway cooked when I heard Jen opening the fridge, glancing at me hesitantly as if she wanted to say something. The five of us, having practically grown up together, could read almost every action and phrase tossed around by each other. 

"What is it?" I muttered, flipping an egg.

"I would talk to you about what just happened, and I'm sure Mikey and Celeste are pretty curious too-"

"Don't." I muttered again, bothered.

Jennifer walked up so that she was beside me and forced me to make eye contact.

"We aren't going to, but you should be the one to take him to a clinic. You need to discuss whatever it was that caused all that."

I looked away, my blue eyes filled with rebellion, but quickly felt it deflate. 

Here Jen was, probably hoping that I wouldn't go and ruin her vacation with all of my shit. She needed this break, and I was making more problems. 

It was my responsibility to fix this. 

"Fine. I'll do it."

The End

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