I watched Jen float off up the stairs and then set to work getting my laptop out of the pink suitcase I'd brought (pink for devices, blue for tops, red for skirts and dresses, green for pants, burgundy for accessories and other essentials, and violet had been for shoes, until it decided not to show up at the airport).

Part of me still couldn't believe that all of those beautiful heels and flats and sandals were gone, or that I wouldn't have the chance to flaunt them on the shores of Naples, or in some open-air markets, or trendy little boutiques. Even if I got the suitcase back once I'd returned home, this was one chance of a lifetime that was never coming back.

Unless I bought new shoes, of course. Which I was already planning to do...so not too bad a situation.

The silver Macbook on the table in front of me made a cute chiming noise as it booted up, pulling me out of my shoe-loss-wallowing. 

I spent the next twenty minutes researching all of the best spots in Naples, already sale-hunting. 

My, that was a nice blazer-

A knock at the door startled me and I quickly weaved through my bags to answer it, instantly wincing when I caught sight of an exhausted Mikey.

"You alright?" I asked sympathetically, letting him in.

He muttered a 'yeah' before ascending the staircase without so much as another word. I suddenly wondered how it was that he knew that the rooms were up there, but then I realized that Jen had probably texted him with the info. 

She was always looking out for us. I almost felt bad for being so preoccupied sometimes.

But this is me we're talking about. I didn't feel bad longer than a few seconds.

I headed up not too much farther in the night and claimed the final room, spending a few minutes admiring the terrace before collapsing onto the bed to get my ten hours of beauty sleep. 

The End

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