I felt my arms sag as soon as I'd managed to get all the way up the massive set of stairs. 

My legs carried me into the nearest empty room and I shut the door behind me, running to the double bed and collapsing into the soft sheets. 

And then I rocketed back up, clutching at the sudden pain in my arm. A bit of poking around and I found the culprit, some kind of stone triangle. 

What kind of weirdo kept rocks in their bed? Jen just had to choose this place.  

I chucked it away with just a tad too much force and fell back onto the mattress, eager to catch a good amount of sleep.


Minutes or hours later I felt the familiar sweat coating my forehead and shot out of sleep a moment later, breathing heavily. I cursed and grabbed the little canister from my bag, popping a pill back and then hid it under the folds of my pillow, sighing and hoping that I wouldn't be stupid enough to forget again. 


It was about time we reached the villa. I could admit that it was partially my fault, seeing as I chose money over convenience, but just because I had suddenly become a millionaire didn't mean I was going to blow it all for the chance to live like one.

Saving was smart. I liked the idea of being 'smart'. 

Knowledge was power, right? Or was it money? Both?

"Hey, Jen!" Celeste's voice suddenly called, making every thought in my mind grind to a screeching halt. 

"Yeah?" I offered as I grabbed a stool by the island in the kitchen, watching as she waltzed from one cupboard to the next. 

"Why is there next to nothing in these? All I can find is coffee and some instant meal crap."

I chuckled a moment at her flustered expression, giving her cause to turn and glare at me.

"What?" I offered, still chuckling.

Celeste scowled mockingly, leaning forwards on the island's counter to look me in the eye. 

"Is it funny that I strive for excellence in consumption?"

I paused for a touch of drama, before chuckling out a 'yes'. 

"And why is that?" she demanded, hazel eyes flashing with annoyance and the hints of a smile appearing at the corners of her lips. 

"I don't know," I said, "Maybe because I haven't seen you cooking a day in your life?"

"Well," she retorted, speaking as if she was talking to a child, "Duh. I never cooked in front of anyone else, that's just...weird."

I struggled to understand her logic but gave it up quickly, yawning at the fatigue growing in my entire body. 

"Sleep, dolt," Celeste chided softly, before scoffing as she pulled open a drawer, "I'll clean up some of this mess and let Mike in, whenever he shows."

My heavy head nodded and I started the voyage back up the stairs, glad I had already unpacked. I paused at the sight of something on the floor, looking closely to find that it was some kind of arrowhead before dumping it on top of a nearby hall table. 

Maybe the villa was a mess. Jeez. 

At least it was cheap. 


The End

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