I couldn't help but pity Mikey. He'd had to get through that hassle of a flight and then his adorable but naive kid showed up. Awkward

We all knew things weren't exactly going too well with his old wife and that pretty much confirmed it all. And for a tough-on-the-outside softie like Michael, the situation probably couldn't get much worse. 

At least the rest of us were out of the airport, bundled into a taxi with the luggage squeezed in. Jen had already given the cabbie the address for the place she'd rented, trying to keep up a small conversation afterwards. 

The girl was too nice sometimes, even though everyone (driver included) was absolutely exhausted. 

My eyes rested on her unintentionally and I watched, silent, as she spoke. 

Sometimes I honestly couldn't believe that Jennifer was half Vietnamese, and this was one of those times. In the dim light of the cab her pale face was swimming with shadows, deep brown eyes drooping with fatigue even as her soft voice chatted on. 

Everything except for her silky dark hair looked almost foreign to that part of her ancestry. It made her all the more striking, the perfect balance of two separate worlds. 

She locked gazes with me suddenly, before blushing and looking away.                                    I smiled and turned my attention to my nails, filing away with an emery board.

There was something about her; she had that mysterious air that one couldn’t really pinpoint. I already knew a few designers that would kill to get their hands on her.

If Jen was interested, I would take the task of becoming her agent myself.

I glanced at her again and quickly realized that she would probably never agree. Big dreams of becoming a journalist or something and no will to settle for anything else.

Serious waste, in my opinion.


The cab pulled up on the side of the road and we all filed out with a few bags in tow. Jen quickly counted out the driver’s fare and handed it to him, likely with a generous tip included.

He helped get out the rest of the bags from the trunk of the van, struggling with Celeste’s heavier ones.

I grabbed as many of them as I could and made my way towards the building that Jennifer was pointing out even as she fished through her purse for what was probably the keys.

Celeste passed me a few seconds later, power-walking in her Prada heels with twice the luggage I was carrying. Jen seemed too tired to notice, but Lilith was already cracking up.

"Nice going, Diaz." she whispered in my immediate direction as she skipped past, snickering. 

I replied with a series of angry muttering, speeding up my efforts so that I finally reached the entrance.

Jen retrieved her set of keys and unlocked the door, waiting for all of us to get inside before following with the bags she had.

“Okay, guys,” she started, flicking on a few lights, “This is the villa I’ve rented. Bedrooms are upstairs, bathrooms up and to the left.”

A chorus of general noises of understanding rang out as the slow shuffle up the stone steps started.

At least after this I wouldn’t be carrying any suitcases for a month. 

The End

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