I'd dozed off practically as soon as I sat down and only really stirred when the pilot announced that the plane was about to land. 

My ears were popping and my throat tasted something like sandpaper. The others were already up, putting away whatever had been scattered in the duration of the flight. 

An air hostess came around telling everyone to fasten their seatbelts and soon after I felt my stomach plummet. 

Some baby started crying. Loudly. 

Celeste muttered disapprovingly beside me, but I just felt bad for whatever poor kid had been stuck on a plane this long. It felt bad enough as an adult. 

The plane shook slightly as its wheels touched the ground, moving forward on the runway before coming to a stop. 

I stood and got out my green carry-on, waiting for the others to get their own before starting to move towards the exit. 

After quite some time we were outside, in the warm night air of Naples. 

A breath of relief escaped my lips, quickly replaced by dread.

Time to head to luggage collection.



Our group took a small amount of time in getting into the airport and an even shorter period of time getting to the luggage carousels. 

Naturally, I became the go-to for hauling suitcases before they could go around again. 

Jake and Lil had barely one or two, Jen maybe three, but Celeste had upwards of five and counting. 

This woman was going to kill me, honestly.

I had just gotten my last one, Celeste having a nervous breakdown about a bag that had gone missing, when I heard a small voice that I had a hard time swallowing.


My head snapped around to look with the suitcase still in my hands. It dropped quickly, becoming replaced by the tiny body that launched itself into my arms. 

"Sarah?" I asked, unsure, "How on Earth did you get here?"

The other four were gawking, and I couldn't really blame them. I was gawking too. 

Sarah shrugged, a pensive pout on her face.

"Mom sent me on the plane, said I was going on a trip with you!"

She squealed in excitement, jumping to the ground holding a few of my fingers in her hand. 

"Aren't you excited, daddy?"

I nodded absentmindedly, offering an apologetic look to the adults in our party. 

Lara did this. Found out that I was going on a vacation and sent Sarah as some kind of way to get on my nerves. 

"Honey," I said in a low tone, trying to meet the gaze of a three-foot something, "I'm going to see if I can get a ticket for you to get home, okay? I think your mom made a mistake."

Sarah nodded, wide-eyed, probably unable to comprehend what I was saying. 

I turned to the others, running a hand over my face. 

"Guys, go ahead without me. I already have the address for where we're staying, so I won't be long, alright?"

They quickly noticed the tiredness in my tone and let out sounds of mutual agreement, calling over a few porters as I walked toward the one of the information booths. 

I would book the flight before I called Lara, just so that she knew there was no choice in the matter. 

Exes always were problematic. 

The End

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