God, I was tired.

We were only really about five hours into the flight and my entire body was aching. I could see Jacob snoring lightly beside me with a neck pillow in between his head and the window and the airline’s headphones strapped onto his ears.

I considered snapping a few embarrassing pictures and tagging him in them on Facebook, but the idea quickly dissolved. My brain was too drained to be that diabolical. But then again, if I did go ahead with the plan, Michael could totally edit the photos to be even more ridiculous.

A gleeful snicker nearly escaped my lips and I turned my body to look back at the row of seats behind us, only to find that Jen, Celeste and Mikey were all conveniently asleep too.

There was no real point in taking the effort to pull my phone out when I didn’t know whether or not anything I snapped would even be compromised to the humiliation point. It wasn’t worth it, especially not when there were flight attendants strolling around just waiting to tell me to turn my phone off, even though I had provided ample reassurance that it was on airplane mode.

This was why I hated economy flights but, considering that Jen was footing the bill, I kind of had to be somewhat patient with the whole process.

I couldn’t really turn down a free vacation, especially one with my four closest friends. Not that I’d ever admit that to them, but it was true. We’d all been in the same elementary, middle and high school in NYC, essentially growing up together and vowing to keep in touch.

Even after college and years of just messaging around on whatever social media we had time for, here we were, heading to the beautiful city of Naples for a month. It did take a lot of wheedling to get my employer to give me that much paid time off, but I was pretty much irreplaceable as a fitness consultant.

Besides, the others probably had to do just as much bargaining, and even though Jennifer hadn’t been the richest, things had gotten much better for her pretty recently.

She’d won the lotto and then got this getaway together for the five of us. Awful sweet of her, but even I could tell there was something else going on.

Jen clearly needed time away from the rest of the world with some good friends, and I wasn’t going to deny her that. None of us were going to.

The more pressing issue, however, was trying to pass the time still left in getting there.

I tapped my fingers on the armrest mindlessly, before grabbing one of the magazines in the pouch in front of my feet.

A catalogue. Perfumes. Watches. How utterly exciting.

One of the trolleys rattled to a stop beside me, pushed by a smiling attendant. I pulled down the little table in front of me and waited as a tray of food was put down and the trolley quickly rolled to the next row of seats.

I tentatively pulled the plastic off and surveyed the containers, finding some kind of grilled mystery meat salad, a small assortment of fruits chunks, and a bun of a very strange consistency. I ate as much of it as I could handle, before handing it back to the dish-collecting air hostess that came around.

My eyes grew heavy with the weight of food in my stomach so, leaning back, I drifted off for the rest of the flight. 

The End

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