The Cull of the Wild

The girl smiled at the ragged troup standing before her. Her fingernails were long, like the talons of some dreadful bird, and painted a deep, incardanine red. Slowly, she raised her hand, stabbing a talon in the direction of one woman. A small child clung like a living, filthy belt around the small womans' waist. It shivered and expelled a breath that sounded like dry leaves blown across some wasteland. The girl in the red dress laughed soflty, and with a casual flick of her finger, her already dark eyes darkened further, and with a pitiful scream that ended in gurgled choke, the little woman crumpled and died, with the child still wrapped around her.

The killer smiled with seemingly genuine satisfaction and tossed her hair back from her face, it caught the light in a shimmer of honney-colours.

"Who wants to go next ?" she smiled.

The End

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