When Eyes Turn Black

Her eyes had turned entirely black, like somebody had filled up her head with dark ink. Where an iris and a pupil should have been, were just two almond shaped dark slits, glaring out above a smiling mouth.

David felt as though he were back at school, standing in that immense and draughty hall. There were a number of other people, standing shivering, some wearing nothing at all except a thin layer of filth. They seemed to clash horribly with the pristine, luxurious decor of the great hall which seemed to mockingly spread before them its' vast sweep of creamy marble floor, richly-dark mahoghany-panneled walls and gilded gold mirrors. The ragged huddle of men and women, indeed there seemed to be chuildren among their number too, were silent. David himself was aware of the tacit taboo under which his silence seemed demanded. There was a loud crack, followed by another and woman, or rather a girl, strode into the hall. She was dressed resplendantly in light and flowing drapery, composed primarily of golden silk, and interlaced with turquoise peacock feathers. Thick gold jewelry clutched easily at her wrists and choked her throat, and a heavy cloak of thick crimson velvet swept out behind her, so that she left a wake of scarlet folds. The richness of her garb and austere severity with which she stalked towards the group contrasted against the thin, meakness of the humans, and served only to emphasize the pathetic indecency of each and every one of them. Next to this girl, they were as crumbs of rock beside jewels.

The End

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