Agent 666

All I remember was a woman whispering in my ear then darkness even worse than the darkness in the van falling over me. Drowsiness danced before my eyes as slowly but surely I went unconscience, limp on the bottom of the van.

I woke up to the vibrations of a machine. Looking around dozily I noticed I was not in my bedroom. Where was I? y head shot up and span round as I looked into the blurry eyes of the woman. She stared at me for  a few seconds before saying ,"Welcome Agent 666 to your new cell."

All I could see was a blurry outline past the eird glass time wall of lasers which formed an icy cage. It was definitely a machine though because I felt the whirring below me and when I went to lean against the sides a shock rapidy shot up my back causing me to screech in surprise.

The sensation was almost like leaning against a cactus but not long enough to draw blood just to leave fading imprints. Turning around I saw the hair on my back had burnt.

When I turned back to the woman she was gone and I was left alone. That's how I started my days at the agency.

The End

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