The Choice

My eyes wondered over to the now approaching woman. The sun shone through her thick, glossy red hair showering the grass with speckles of reddened shade. Her eyes were a deep murky green, so deep in fact that you felt you were falling in. So mesmerizing.....

She stood before me, a smirk across her face. Then she leaned down as though ready to hit me, her hand raised in a slap motion. It slowly came down, I covered my face, my bottom lip trembling. But her hand did not hit me, merely patted me on the head and said "You're the child, on the news.... the one that ran away..... you best come with me....."

Sharp talons that were her manicured figernails gripped round my arm pinching deep into the flesh. My face screwed up, like I had just sucked on the most sour lemon ever.

"Get off me!"

I tried wrenching myself free but instead she gripped on tighter. My arm was now going red under her grip and little droplets of blood appeared where she was scratching my skin. Even the smell of lood made my face go pale.

Now she was moving, dragging me through the long swaying grass just big enough to tickle at the bottom of my knees. Birds screamed at the sudden movement and flew off into the cloudy sky. All I could do was stare at my captor, mesmerized by the hair swishing inches from my face as she dragged me further towards the car park.

The car park! What?! No! I was not going back, with my free hand I dug my own nails into her skin until she tunred round and actually slapped me. A red mark streaked the side of my face.

"You're not aloud to do that!" i exclaimed biting back the cuss words rumbling in my throat.

"I can do what I want so just shut up you little brat!" she gripped even tighter drawing more blood.

A white van stood ahead, its windscreen glaring in the sun. Without time to even shout the word help she had bundled me into the van and shut the doors. It was dark. Too dark. I could not see a thing.

The hairs on my back stood up as I felt her arm slither across my back and draw me closer towards her. She leant in and whispered in my ear.

"You've got a choice to make."

The End

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