The Park

My feet would not stop moving until I got to the park where I lay down flat on my back in the high grass, completely out of breath. What was that? Was that another man?

I didn't need to ak the questions, I was old enough to know. She had slept with another man and right at this second he is probably giving her another once over. My stomach wretched and my face went pale. The thought was making me sick, amking my insides want to leap out and make a dash for it. Unfortunately they did just that and I let a projectile of school curry rush out on to the grass below me. I wiped my face and stood up, disgusted and horrified at not only the sick but the entire cause of it.

This had happened long enough, my sister was losing grades because of them. My dad was drinking a lot more because of mum and mum was sleeping with other men. How did they expect me to deal with it? I just couldn't. What to do?

Shivering I started walking back home. I knew what to do...

The End

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