When does it end?

The driver's body seemed to fill up the whole cabin. His fat poured into every crevice and I was surprised he could even turn the wheel let alone get to the gear stick. I smiled at his horrendously spotty face before swiping my oyster card and climbing onto the upper deck of the bus.

Sweat poured from my face and dripped down onto my school trousers. I stared out the front of the bus as it started moving, carefully checking my bag to make sure I hadn't dropped anything. Slowly, I relaxed into the chair and put my legs up on the railing. My eye lids got heavier by the second and slowly....

"Turrent Bus Station, end of the line. Please gather all your belongings and exit the bus, thank you."

The bus had stopped and I let it wake me from my deep slumber. What a tiring day at school and now I had to go home, back to the mad house.

Picking up my school bag, I walked down the steps and out of the door. The cool wind rushed against my face, waking up my senses. It was a good journey, long but worth it. The schools nearby were too common for knife crime and my mother and I were not prepared to take the risk. I quickened my pace as I started walking back home.

Home what a word. I don't have a home if I think about it, just a house. Its not homely or comfortable just somewhere to rest. In fact, the place is terrible. Mum and dad have been argueing lately and I was afraid it would reach a negative climax. Luckily they always manage to make up after each one and it just seems like a rough patch. An extremely fatal rough patch.

I turned the corner into my street. Looking up and down I crossed over to the other pavement and started slowing down. I always did this, thinking that if I slowed down possibly time would rewind and by the time I got home everything and everybody would be happy again. My dad and mum would get along, my sister would start to smile again and my dog would return from the dead.

I went to put my keys into the door. It was unlocked.... strange.... Slowly, I opened the door and walked through, not a breath parted from my lips. I walked into the living room ready to see mum crying or dad banging on the laptop but...

Turning on my heel I walked out the living room soundlessly. They hadn't seen me, I was safe. Just to check I did another quick peek round the door. I couldn't help myself this time though, a gasp seeped through my lips. My mother's head swivelled round and she screamed. A high pitched but short scream. My face went bright red as the man on top of her rose to his feets completely naked and gasped also in shock.

I ran out the house.

The End

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