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I'm only fourteen, so I respect that some people don't think that we teenagers can fall in love - to be honest, I didn't think I could either.

I can only explain to you, what I feel, for you to decide whether you think it's possible to be in love at the age of fourteen.

So I see him. And it's him. He's a good(ish) friend. And we get on. If from 'get on' you mean we're both pretty witty to each other and constantly try and out-wit the other (he tends to win).

I see him, and it's not as though I get the exhausted cliche of butterflies in my stomach or anything like that, it's more that my brain switches on and I can't look away from him; not until we've had a bit of an argument anyway.

And when we do argue, it's not real, it's more like ... a battle of the wits? Corny, I know. But I just.

Actually, I think I better back up a little bit. Maybe diving in straight away was a bad way to go about it.

So, I'm the sort of girl that pushes people away (and I know - it's a terrible thing to do). I don't understand myself at all and have no idea why I do this to the people I love and care about with all my heart, but I do.

And then <i>he</i> came along. Him with his devastating eyes and such intellect that it makes me want to jump for joy. He's just ... I don't even know how to describe him. He's just so ... class that it makes me want to cry!

And that's weird in itself. As I've only cried about five times in my life. And I'm being honest there.

People have told me that it's 'obvious' that we like each other, there's so much tension between us; but if there is - then why haven't we ourselves noticed?

He's one of the few people I've let in. He was the first person I told when my Great-Grandfather died.

I know, I do sound stupid.

But isn't that what love does to you?

I'll let you decide whether I'm in love or not; because I have no idea at all!

The End

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