When did you fall in love?

I think that when I began to fall love for the first time, I was too young to actually realise I was in love.
 The author guidance is true - love is such a dirty trick. How could our creator, if there is such a being, torture us with these feelings?
 You see, this love was unrequited. There was no way I could tell him, or anyone else for that matter, so I suffered in silence for 4 years. 4 long years.
  As I matured, so did my feelings. I admitted I loved him. I'd always said I was never going to have children, but I was shocked to say to myself that I'd have his kids. Because they'd be his kids, another little part of him to love.
 It's difficult to describe him with the same passion I would have described him with say, 3 years ago. Although I dislike him now, I have to admit that he was a handsome man (yes, he was quite a bit older than me). I loved how his blue eyes were so pale, his cheekbones so prominent, & his canine teeth so sharp that they added a quite vampiric mischief to his grin. Evey imperfection became a beautiful quirk to me - I loved the bump in his nose & the way his slightly pointy ears made him look almost elvin.
 In retrospect he did lead me on a little, though he shouldn't have. But at the time I lapped up any atention I could get from him, & cherished our time together.
 I think the pain of this love has damaged me, having gone through it at such a crucial time in my emotional development, & 3 years later, I haven't been in love since & I'm still sore. Would I change it though? I'm not sure.

The End

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