When Did You First Fall in Love?

I thought my first time falling in love was 1980.  That was the time my ex-husband and I started our relationship, Oh I thought I was in love.  We married in January 1984, we had a son, Oh I thought I was in love..

The first time I fell in love.. felt like I had been side swiped.  Felt like all the wind had been knocked from me.  The first time I ever fell in love, I was 52 years old, it was 2007. I remember watching a commercial, it was about a man named Bill having a heart attack, a woman said, "It's been Bill since we were in school. it will be Bill until the day I die."  I thought to myself.. wow, how must that feel?  And then I went one step further, I said "God I'd like to know how that feels, to love someone like that."

People, I want you all to understand something, our great and most generous Father, has a very wicked sense of humor.  He gives, oh yes he does, ask, and you will receive,, ( a suggestion here)  Be specific..

I fell in love with a beautiful blueeyed man, that loves Harleys, and let me tell you, I see now, I never, never actually loved my ex-husband and, I have been a crazy woman since then.  lol..  oh you know, he runs pretty fast too but, I am catching up.. (smile)

So now, Tell me about it, when did you first fall in love...?

The End

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