When crystal teardrops fall.

I suppose this is just how i felt one day and i just let my hand write it all out. its quite sad really. its more poetry than story.

When crystal teardrops fall .

No turning back now

I hold my soul in my hands

Ready to hand it over to the demons that await me in every corner

The darkness of the world overwhelms me

My innocence taken in one swift fluid motion

I pull out the blade

it’s icy edge cuts easily

takes away my life source

I welcome the pain

the blood,

the surrender,

the darkness...

The hospital smells invade my nostrils

I groan and push away the curtain of pain

I failed

I live

I cry

I lost

He won

I lost

I live

I failed

I lie on the cold floor

the white walls

so soft

like pillows

I can’t hurt myself here

people care about me

they say ‘I’m special’

but they don’t mean it

They never will

they just want to see me fail,

to fall

they just want to see me break.


The End

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