"We'll See Monday"

Margi was very angry when she found out P Squad was at her house. She warned them to be prepared for her at school. The following Monday at school P Squad was ready for any and everything. They were dressed in their special gear, Timberland boots. Everyone is P Squad is very outspoken and quick tempered. They antagonized The Carnis the entire day and there was no retaliation. P Squad decided to leave them alone since the arguing wasn't going to lead to an altercation or be resolved.

When P Squad settled down The Carnis turned up the heat. They would say subliminal things on social networks, but would never say anything in school. P Squad was tired of their tactics and just continued to ignore them.

Mama Squid just couldn't let go. She escalated more of the problems between the two cliques. For about two weeks everything was calm.

The End

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