I can remember coming home from the first day of second grade, bouncy and excited. I skipped down the drive, and knocked on the door, knowing my mum was home, waiting for my description of the day. My bookbag seemed as light as a feather compared to this morning. I soon heard footsteps, and the doorknob turned, but it wasn't my mum at the door.

"Gracie, your mum and your brother aren't home right now, but I'm here to watch you."

My little brain couldn't comprehend that something serious was wrong. I shrugged and looked my uncle Gary up and down, then stepped into the house. the TV was off, and there was a dog lounging on our couch.

"Skippy!" the dog ran and attacked my feet playfully.

Uncle Gary smiled and took my bag for me, while I played with his Yorkie. The phone rang as he was doing so, and he dropped my bag and ran to get the phone. It was as if his life depended on it. I heard his muttered conversation, but paid no mind to it. Little did I know that this phone call would change my entire life.

The End

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