Arrest by the Russian Military

"Let those Communist Motherfunkers come. I'm not scared of them. I'm not scared of anybody."

A heavy thud echoed through the foyer of the embassy as the Russian military attempted to gain entry through the heavily fortified front door. Jeffrey Marcussen stood defiantly on the balcony that overlooked the foyer below, awaiting the red army's imminent assault.

Another heavy thud, and yet another, until finally the front door exploded and a sea of Stalin sympathizers came flooding in, thirsty for American blood.

The time had come, and Jeffrey torpedoed himself directly into the epicenter of the invading troops while twirling at about 120 RPM. Upon impact, Jeffrey's fist immediately impaled four soldiers who conveniently happened to be arranged in a straight line. Jeff immediately used one of those corpses as a human shield in order to deflect the gunfire that ensued. Jeff then backed himself into a narrow hallway while simultaneously blocking the gun shots.





The End

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