There has to be another way!

    Thierry had always been a caring man, or at least so the media would have you believe. So as he trilled his fingers over the scented walnut of his "United Europa" desk he listened contently to the phones in the next room screaming at his staff,

"Monsieur! Our American allies 'ave been fired upon by our communist allies to the east. They're claiming that they've fired nuclear warheads..." Exclaimed Sara - his Secretary. She was an American herself and he pitied her for the worry she must be feeling. Theirry stopped trilling and raised an eyebrow,

"And?" he asked. a sly smile slithering onto his face,

"Monsieur!" gasped his secretary, the unmistakable sight of tear-stung eyes crossing her face. Theirry Bourlois rose from his chair crossing the "U.E" emblem etched into the floor and hugged her tight,

"Do not worry ma petite amie," he whispered to the crying woman,

"This was inevitable, you have seen our American friend's aggressive advances upon the Russian oils. The year is Twenty-fifty-seven for god's sake Sara, this peace has been a facade for over thirty years." he informed her, feeling her go rigid and frightful in his arms,

"You mean... since Europe officially united and became one super power, monsieur?" She looked down towards the black leather of the president's shoes,

"Oui. Since the Battle For Britain. Unfortunately, America's destruction is necessary for Europe's expansion. I'm sorry." He admitted. Sara nodded and brushed him aside, wandering absently toward the hallway.

    Thierry sat back at his desk and pressed on a hidden button located on the underside of his computer mouse,

"Surveillance on Sara Johnson - She knows we plan to expand... Kill her if necessary."

The End

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