When All Goes Awry

This was it, the moment had finally come. Russia had just launched a nuclear missile aimed for the United States capital.

President Ronald Lim sat at his desk, hand on the button. He had but five minutes to act. Pressing the button would deflect the bomb, sending it back from whence it came and launch a second one to follow it. It would end the Russian-U.S. War forever; it would also end the lives of over 350 million people, double that in a year’s time from radiation. Was this the right thing to do?

He had not meant to think that. No, no, he certainly had not. He had come into this office, the first Cambodian-American president, with the intention to do great things. Why, then, had this decision come to him so quickly, for he alone to make?

There were only four and a half minutes to go. He wanted to do it, he really did. Russia didn’t even know the U.S. had this technology. Oh, what it would show them. But was this way of thinking wrong? And why did he, the president, have to be the one to single-handedly kill hundreds of millions of civilians?

Only four minutes before he had to make his final decision. He knew very well that eyes around the globe were focused on the horizon, to see what next would come.

The End

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