Every World Ruler Needs a Palace

Marla tried to fasten Terry's bowl into its seatbelt as best as she could, but Terry still seemed a little concerned about the safety of the craft they were preparing to take off in. Marla shrugged, "You were the one that said I had better listen to what Tech said." Terry looked at her grumpily, but supposed there was really no point in arguing with her.

"Ready?" Tech said poking an invisible, cloaked head through the archway between the cockpit where he was seated and back compartment where Marla and Terry were.

"Ready," Marla responded with a thumbs up. She was still rather bummed that instead of getting a vacation she was instead going to have to rule the world and watch for assassination attempts, but what could she do? She figured being difficult with Tech wouldn't solve any problems.

Just as Marla was settling back into her chair the ship shot forward. Marla instinctively threw out the protective mom arm in front of Terry's bowl to make sure that he did not shoot forward with the same vigor that the ship did.

"My goodness," sputtered Terry as he jostled about in his bowl, water splashing out of both sides, "this is quite the bumpy ride." He was right. It was a very bumpy ride. Marla and Terry bumped along at the high speed of the ship for another twenty seconds or so and then as suddenly as the ship had started, it stopped. Marla and Terry sighed in unison.

"We're here," Tech said walking (or at least Marla assumed the invisible man was walking) into the back compartment. Tech pushed a button and the floor turned back into the ramp they had used to get into the ship. The slightly discombobulated Marla and Terry followed Tech out of the ship onto the top of what looked like a Mayan temple.

"Wow," Marla said looking around at the large stone structure they had landed on top of. "Where are we? Peru?"

Tech tried, rather unsuccessfully, to suppress his laugher. "No, this isn't Peru. We're in Southwestern Montana."

"Montana?" Marla and Terry responded in unison.

"Of course, Montana," Tech replied. "You don't think a world ruler would set up shop in a place where people could access him very easily, do you?"

"I suppose not," said Marla continuing to assess her surroundings. "And I suppose that I should be grateful for this decision, shouldn't I?"

"Oh yes indeed," Tech replied. "That and the fact that the ruler of the world is a big fan of action films."

"Action films?" Marla questioned. "I'm not sure I understand."

"Well, you see," said Tech, "every time the ruler of the world watches a film like Indiana Jones or what was that one with the lady who had adopted all those babies...oh yes, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, he decides to incorporate the different defensive structures around his own palace. With the amount of films he's watched, you are currently standing in the safest place in the world."

Suddenly in the far distance Marla saw a flame shoot up high into the sky. Tech gave a hearty laugh. "See what I mean?" Tech said looking cheerfully at Marla. "Someone must have been trying to break in, but they didn't even make it past the first obstacle."

"But what if it was just an accident?" Marla questioned. "What if it was just a stray elk or squirrel or whatever kind of wildlife you have out here in Montana?"

Tech didn't seem to have noted her question. "Enough about the defense structures though. It's time that I provide you with a little more detail about your duties."

"I can't wait," Marla said sarcastically, as she picked up Terry's bowl and followed after Tech who was going who knows where.

The End

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