You grab the wheel of poultry and run like a madman

Impulse causes you to run like the wind. You see the huge wheel you were previously bidding for and grab it again on Impulse.

As you run across the dusty lanscape you can hear the sound of horses behind you. You dare to look. Behind you there is a very angry mob of bidders. They're all holding either pichforks flaming torches. The leader who appears to be the one who bought you has a  Flaming pichfork! He starts to swing the rubber dingy over his head like a lassoo.

You realise there is a huge chasm before you. He laughs like a maniac.

When it seems that all hope is lost you realise how much you hate cleaning. Its now or never so taking the huge wheel you climb onto one side and jump down the gaping chasm.

You shut your eyes and pray to ever god and looney tunes charachter you know.

The End

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