"Wheeeeel ooooof pooouuultry!"

Before you ask -- I wrote this back in 1999. It was on my original first-take for the CYOA site concept, so I figured I'd toss it up here as a keepsake.

I realize it's probably not up-to-snuff with my current stuff here, but I thought it was funny and it was one of the stories I launched this site with, so it's here for nostalgia's sake more than anything. :)

Play on!

... yells Bob Barker. "You've won a trip to Idaho!"

Waking from your daydream, you look around the open-air courtyard you're sitting in. Mexico is a wonderful place. So many deals to be had... And here you are, sitting in an auction house at the height of summer, sleeping. The auctioneer at the front of the room waves at you. "You sir, $250,000 for the large wheel of poultry!"

"Wait," you think to yourself. "Did I just bid a quarter of a million dollars on a giant Mexican feathery wheel?"

The End

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